These cars will ruin you – repair costs and liability insurance

Why do blondes drive their tires? Because they can’t spell Volkswagen …

Or this: Two shaved young men talk in front of the “Biedronka” estate. – Have you heard that Borówa did his golf tuning? He put on a transparent door so that everyone could see the stripes on his new pants …

And do you know why alpha romeo drivers don’t greet each other in the afternoon? Because in the morning they saw each other on the site …

The most popular car brands could be made a richly illustrated book

The most popular car brands could be made a richly illustrated book

From jokes ridiculed by owners of the most popular car brands could be made a richly illustrated book. No strength on earth will reconcile feuding “golfers” (lovers of German TDI) with “alphists” (followers of the Giugiaro style). Oil for fire in this holy war adds reports on the failure of vehicles.

Depending on their authors (Dekra, Adac, TUV), some “Italian” or “Frenchman” stands out on the exposed, shameful place. And they win – as in football – Germany, assisted by supposedly trouble-free cars from the Far East. Anyway – maybe the opposite is the case – which for a Pole driving a 10-year-old imported from behind the western border does not matter much. After all, we buy parts on the shack, and we do the basic repairs in the legendary golf “three” ourselves, using a hammer and anvil.

“Trouble-free” cars that can ruin repair

"Trouble-free" cars that can ruin repair

Just to illustrate what we are talking about – recently published an intricate summary of how much it can cost to repair even the least emergency car (source).

The list of least troublesome cars includes Toyota IQ, Mazda 2, Mazda 3, VW Polo V, VW Golf VI, Ford Fiesta, BMW 3 Series, Audi A5 and Audi A4. and (based on EurotaxGlass’s Polska data) valued the repairs of each of these cars (service including replacement of the alternator, starter, battery, headlights and radiator). 

Polish savings on a third party liability policy


Meanwhile, in cutting the costs of car service and operation we have gone even further. The media report that in the ERIF register of debtors (one of the Economic Information Bureaus) there are an increasing number of Poles in arrears with … mandatory civil liability contributions. “Savings” are not afraid of penalties of several thousand for the lack of compulsory insurance (more in this article).

Even the stories of the perpetrators of accidents (who do not have liability insurance) who have to cover damages from their property are not dangerous. We run away from insurance, although most companies offer convenient packages combining OC and AC, with large discounts for “accident-free” drivers. (the current OC / AC offer at Aviva is noteworthy) .

So let’s end with another joke, this time about home insurers … To protect the car against thieves, the owner locked his dog in it for the night. In the morning he saw the vehicle “on pegs”, devoid of expensive alloys. Behind the doormat, the thieves left a note: – Don’t hit the dog! He barked all the time!

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