4 reasons why you should not stay too long with your car

Vehicle purchase levels are not the best in Colombia. In reality, there are many Colombians who prefer to keep their car until it stops working, and that results in each citizen maintaining their vehicle for approximately 16 years.

But is this really a saving?

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When thinking about staying with your car until the last of your days, one could imagine that it is the most convenient option, it allows you to save and you will no longer have to buy a new one; However, this is not so. Maintaining a car when it has many years of manufacturing, limits it in different aspects, and although the purchase of a new one could be a great effort, in the long run it will also be a saving and will contribute to improving your assets.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t wait 16 years to change your car:

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1. There is more pollution 

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The more years you have a vehicle, it has more failures and many of them cause more pollution, which also ends up damaging your body.

2. Technology presents new options 

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The brands innovate every year, and although it is not about finding the most expensive models, there are different options with new features that give you greater comfort.

3. Represents a higher maintenance cost 

The older a car is, its parts will be more difficult to locate and you will have to do more things to get it to ride well, that’s where it stops being a savings to become a burden.

4. There are opportunities that are worth taking advantage of 

4. There are opportunities that are worth taking advantage of 

To encourage the purchase of new cars, brands seek to provide facilities, both in credits and promotions. Even to promote the renewal of the car fleet, tax reductions and other measures that will favor the acquisition of a new car are proposed.

Ideally, you know how to identify the moment in which it is more convenient to change vehicles than to continue with the same car, and for that it is important to pay attention to both the performance of the machine and its financial situation. Remember that if you look carefully, you can find the car credit you need, and thus finance your new acquisition without problems.

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